Who Are We?

A Passionate Team of Mixed Discipline Warwick University Students.

A Community for Makers, Creators and Innovators

WarwickTECH is a university society with the objective of bringing together developers, entrepreneurs and anyone interested in technology to solve problems, build products and learn skills. Join fellow students to tackle real problems and challenges!

Expand your Technical, Coding and Entrepreneurial skills

Designed for anyone who has had that bright idea; WarwickTECH aims to help students develop both their technical and entrepreneurial skills. Throughout the year, we run events like as Hackathons, Code Workshops as well as Guest Speaker Talks and Startup Weekends.

Bringing Together Great Ideas and Great People

We aim to be the platform for students to come together and share their ideas. Our goal is to create a space for students to find potential co-founders, to collaborate on projects and to develop their personal skills.

WarwickHACK 2017

WarwickHACK is back again for 2017! With an amazing line up of workshops and speakers, be sure not to miss out.

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What Do We Do?

A glimpse into a few of our events.


Warwick's Flagship Hackathon

Campus Startup

Our Entrepreneurs' Meetup


Gain the Skills, Ideas and Knowledge

Local Hack Day

Global Community Hackathon

Startup Weekend

Share Ideas; Launch Startups


Our Upcoming Events


A Celebration of Diversity in Tech

Thursday the 17th of March 2016 marked the day of the first Tech Night LDN. The teams behind WarwickTECH, UCLU TechSoc and UCLU Leading Women came together to celebrate diversity within technology, in the Shard, London.

Tech Night LDN is a mini-conference packed with talks, workshops and networking for students and recent graduates who are curious about technology. Expect an evening of inspiration and motivation.

We believe that in order to truly make strides towards achieving diversity in tech, we need to include all genders and different races in the conversation. Even if you’re new to technology, or are really passionate about it, we hope you'll join us next year!

This years TechNightLND will be held on Monday 6th March 2017. More details will be posted soon!

Returning Soon!

NG Code Jam

Wednesday the 28th of October 2015 marked the start of our Code Challenge with National Grid.

National Grid's Engineers have a problem; they need to calculate the volume of a complex 3D model. They want your help to design a software solution that lets their Engineers calculate this on the go using an iPad. Challenged for the best solution, teams will be competing for the prize of an iPad Air 2 and the just released Nexus 5X for each team member. Teams will have 4 weeks to work on the best solution and will present to a panel of judges.

This challenge was open to WarwickTECH members. If you aren't already a member and you want to get involved with events like this, you can signup for free by clicking !


3D Model

An excavated site scanned using a structure scanner device

Our Team

We're a passionate team of students with a breadth of different skills, interests and degrees!

Interested in joining us?

We're a little bit different from most student societies as we recruit on a rolling basis, so check back here for job openings or for email updates.

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